Fake Braces For Teeth Are Trending–Despite The Dangers

Fake braces–Who would have thought that teeth braces would have become a fashion trend? But they have. At least in Asia fake braces are the latest trend.

Traditionally, braces on teeth, particularly for young people have been the bane of their existence. However, now braces, fake ones, are the in thing.

Young people in Asia, particularly in Indonesia and Thailand believe they’re making a fashion statement by accessorizing their mouths with metal and rubber fake braces.

No more hiding or being embarrassed for wearing braces or what used to be called “metal mouth.” Young folks in these Asian countries have made wearing these fashion fake braces for teeth a status symbol.

These youngsters line up to buy the braces which come in a variety of designs and colors too numerous to list. One popular design is Mickey Mouse.

Reportedly costing as much $100 per, buying these fashion teeth braces still cost a lot less than getting the real thing which can be quite expensive, costing up to more than a thousand dollars in these Asian countries—quite a lot of money for the average family.

So far, this odd trend has been slow in catching on with Westerners whose young people have traditionally detested wearing braces.  But it’s still popular and growing in Southeast Asia with youngsters buying these braces, fake teeth braces on the black market.

Believing they’re making a fashion statement, the young people in these countries buy and wear these fake braces for teeth not realizing they may be actually jeopardizing their health rather than making a fashion statement.

In fact, in Thailand the government implemented laws which prohibited the sale of fake braces—which is why they’re sold on the black market.

The government’s stance has been that the fashion fake braces are dangerous because they could come lose and could slide into the wearer’s throat.

Also, the glue used to hold the braces on the teeth could cause sores inside the mouth or even on the gum.  In addition, some of the wires used in making the braces were found to contain lead, it was reported.

Tragically, this fashion trend has been linked to at least two deaths in Thailand, incidents which prompted the government’s crackdown on vendors selling the product. In one case, it was reported that a 17-year-old developed a thyroid infection and her condition deteriorated to fatal heart failure. In the other case the death of a 14-year- old was linked to the fake braces illegally purchased.

Selling non-medical braces, fake braces that is, in Thailand is punishable by up to six months in prison and a hefty fine. Still that has not stopped the growing trend.  And since we’re in the age of rapidly growing online sales, anyone looking to buy fake braces only has to power up the computer to find out where to buy fake braces. So these braces can be bought online which this makes it easier for vendors to avoid detection.

Still, some of the online sites that sell these fake orthodontic braces warn buyers that the braces should be worn for no more than five months.  In spite of this warning, though, the danger is still present.  And in some of these Asian countries, fake braces can be purchased at beauty salons. They even have fake braces kits and tutorials on how to apply them.

With some celebrities jumping on the bandwagon, it’s likely that the popularity of a mouthful of metal in the form of these fake braces will continue to grow in spite of its dangers. And it will be that much easier to buy fake braces.

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Singer Faith Hill Shows Off Braces on Teeth at Grammys

Traditionally, braces on teeth, particularly for young people have been the bane of their existence. However, now braces are the in thing.

Singer Faith Hill shows off braces on teeth at Grammys

“LOS ANGELES, Feb. 11 (UPI) — Country music star Faith Hill’s red-carpet look at Sunday’s Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles included braces on her teeth. Hill, 45, who first displayed the clear straighteners at the Country Music Awards in November, …UPI.com”


With some celebrities not hesitating to don their braces, it’s likely that the popularity of a mouthful of metal in the form of the real or fake braces for teeth will continue to grow. And in spite of the danger of the fashion braces, this trend will make it that much easier to buy fake braces

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